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Each box has drawers filled with packets of collage materials allow children to easily explore the elements of art. This item expands the concepts explored in the book  'Art Parts: A Child's Introduction to the Elements of Art' and would be an ideal companion to the book. 


Each box contains 5 bags representing 5 elements of art:

    * Emotion- Images of people representing various ages and races expressing a variety of emotions and blank circles of 
       different shades of the skin colors for children to draw faces on
    * Line- Pieces of ribbon, yarn, and string of varying lengths and widths
    * Color- Vellum, cello, and tissue paper squares of various colors that can be placed on top of each other to create new 
       colors and shades of color
    * Texture- Various materials, including cloth, sandpaper, paper, that have different textures from rough to smooth to soft
    * Shape- Foam shape stickers of various sizes and shapes


Fill each drawer with the amount of items for each element you need and add more as children use them. 


The exact materials in each box and bag will vary.


Contains small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

Art Parts CollageBox

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