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About the Author

Kim Bogren Owen, as a child, became inspired by The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy to write.  These stories, among others, and a childhood spent playing in the foothills of Colorado Springs became the inspiration for her desire to help children see the world as a magical, wondrous place.


Armed with a BA in Anthropology, she started her career out of a college as a preschool teacher where she began to tell stories again.  These times with young children telling stories inspired her to begin to write, but it was years before she would think of publishing her stories and years more before she would begin that process.  Her career in Early Childhood Education starting as a teacher, and ultimately becoming a consultant and trainer, provides her with the understanding and resources to support young children and their parents through her books.


Kim exploring vanilla beans with two children after a reading of Orchids at a preschool parent night

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