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Fundraise with Words Reflected

As someone who has spent their career working in or with non-profits and schools, I know money is tight and you are always looking for opportunities to bring in extra income. For that reason, all my materials (books and toys) are available as fundraisers for your organization.



Your organization will receive 20% of the sales or $3.40 per book (if sold at full retail price).  Non-profit organizations, such as orchid societies and museums, and all schools are eligible to participate in this program. 



Supporters of your organization may order directly from me by adding your organization's name in the comment box when they order either year round or for specific time period you choose. Or you can collect the orders yourself, place them all at once and I will invoice you with 20% off the price of the books, plus shipping.



If you sell 10 items, you will receive a copy of one of my books (your choice). If you sell 15 items, you will receive a copy of both books. Sell 20 or more and you will receive copies of both books, plus either an Orchid Sensory Box or an Elements of Art Collage Materials Box. 



Enrollment is easy! Just fill out the contact form below letting me know your organization's name, contact information, if you are a non-profit, as well as if you will be collecting orders or if families will be ordering directly from me. 



Once you let me know you wish to participate, I will send you an email within 48 hours confirming your participation and a letter to share with your supporters about this opportunity. I will send you any money you earned on a monthly basis.



Please feel free to contact me with any questions here.

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