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ART PARTS: A Child's Introduction to the Elements of Art

by Kim Bogren Owen

Illustrated by: Kay, TJ, Maddie, Stephanie, Darin, Abi, Timothy, Kaila, and Zac


A Book that Introduces the Elements of Art to Children.


Using simple text and children's art, Art Parts: A Child's Introduction to the Elements of Art introduces children to 6 elements of art.  Designed for children between the ages of 2 and 8, it includes blank pages after each element where children can experiment with the concepts of line, color, shape, texture, space, and emotion. 


These blank pages allow children to personalize the book making it a keepsake to treasure, and a wonderful gift for a special child in your life.  It would, also, be a great asset to any classroom to add to the art center with materials that allow children to investigate the elements of art.


In addition, Art Parts includes an activities page to expand on concepts in the book for parents and teachers to use.  These activities include suggestions for special projects, as well as things parents and teachers can do during everyday routines.


Here is an excerpt from Art Parts:

 "Art is Lines.

Straight lines, curvy lines, narrow lines,  wide lines.
Use this page to draw your own lines.
Art is Shapes.

Circle shapes, rectangle shapes, triangle shapes, odd shapes.

Use this page to draw your own shapes."



We donate five percent of the profits from Art Parts to Reach Out and Read.

"It is a beautiful addition to any arts education instruction or program and it benefits language and literacy development of children. Clearly a great text."

  - A teacher on how it impacts the classroom

To help educators utilize my books better they have Lexile ratings. Art Parts is rated at 670L. To learn more about Lexile ratings visit their website

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