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Not Everyone Takes A Bus To School!

What do you think of when you think about how children go to school?

Likely, what you think of first is a bus, car, or walking. However, in many parts of the world they use different means or have to cross dangerous obstacles. Expand on last week's blog and activities with these books about the different ways children go to school.

For a great factual book about traveling to school, read This Is the Way We Go to School: A Book About Children Around the World by Edith Baer and Steve Bjorkman. This books shows multiple ways children get to school around the world. Simple text makes it appropriate for toddlers to early elementary.

Another very wonderful book that explores not only how children get to school, but also the fact that many do not get to go is The Way to School by Rosemary McCarney with Plan International. Real life photos show the different ways children travel to school, including the dangerous ones.

My School in the Rain Forest: How Children Attend School Around the World by Margriet Ruurs shows both different types of schools and ways children get there. It will be a little wordy for younger children, but you can paraphrase the text and spend more time looking at and talking about the great photographs.

Sometimes people don't travel at all to go to school, because they are homeschooled. Such is the case for the boy in This is My Home, This is My School by Jonathan Bean.

Sing about all the different ways people travel to school with We All Go Traveling By by Sheena Roberts and Siobhan Bell. This book again shows many different ways people get to school.

For a more silly take on getting to school read How Will I Get to School This Year? by Jerry Pallotta and David Biedrzycki. Would you like to go to school on a giant tarantula or in a basket carried by bears? Ask your child that question and then ask what would be their favorite way to get to school and if they would like some of the real, but scary, ways children get to school.

After reading these books, have your child create a picture collage of different types of transportation that children could use to get to school. Old magazines (you often can get them for free at your library) make great resources to find pictures.

For a math link, create a chart of the way they and their friends get to school. Talk about forms are used more and less, as well as add up each column to get totals.

Generally, I am not a fan of video for young children, but here are a few very short videos showing different types of schools and getting there. These are a great way to show children about real life ways children get to school. I would recommend showing one or two a day as you read the different books. If you work in a child care center be sure to make the videos a free choice activity and watch with the kids.

As always, I hope you enjoy these recommendations. Feel free to share with credit to Words Reflected and Kim Bogren Owen on Facebook, your website, or in your newsletter. Please add your recommendations for additional books about transportation to school in the comments.

(This blog uses the Amazon affiliate program so when you click on the title and purchase through Amazon, you are supporting us! If you don't purchase through these links, please, be sure to support your local, independent bookstore or find them at your library!)

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