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Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice by Sylvia Rosa-Casanova and Saturday Sancocho by Leyla Torres



For the children to learn about the different foods that people eat, buying ingredients, following a recipe, and how families spend time together, as well as how people help each other. 



Sharing, trading, friendship, family, tradition, feasting, days of the week, illness, caring for each other, marketing/grocery shopping, soup





Create opportunities for open-ended, process-oriented art with children with the following art

materials (along with what materials you typically have in your art center)

  • Paints: watercolors; tempera; easel

  • Drawing: Colored pencils; crayons; pastels

  • College: images of food; scraps of paper the color of fruits, vegetables, rice 

  • Three-Dimensional (3-D): Playdough with food shaped cookie cutters

  • Tools: Scissors; glue; paper; fruit and vegetable shaped stencils

  • Activity: Paint with different kitchen utensils; vegetable prints using old vegetables or plastic vegetables (be aware of issues around using food for art)



  • Make "apartments" out of boxes, include simple stove and sinks in each apartment (children can help make and decorate)Add play food and cooking utensils to each apartment; Make market with different food in box stalls, baskets or string bags for shopping, cash register and play money

  • Add play food and cooking utensils to each apartment; Make market with different food in box stalls, baskets or string bags for shopping, cash register and play money



  • Measuring ingredients

  • Make charts of what each child's favorite foods are

  • Ingredient counting



  • Look at different kinds of rice (compare and contrast)

  • Make Pollo con Arroz and/or Sancocho

  • What happens when things mix (oil and water or in soup)

  • Spice scent jars

  • Taste different vegetables or spices



  • Sing food related songs

  • Old MacDonald but change words to be ingredients in books



  • Plastic vegetables, bowls, small pot, and ladles in soapy water



  • Images of multicultural meals and people eating them (What the World Eats)

  • Images of markets and grocery stores from around the world

  • Childrens' art


  • Chopping vegetables (pumpkin knives work great for preschoolers with one to one supervision. You know your children so only do if you think the children in your care are capable so be aware you are using at own risk and Kim Bogren Owen/Words Reflected will not be help responsible for any accidents)



  • Add images of markets  and people shopping some of the blocks



  • See blogs links under books

  • Food vocabulary; what I like to Eat Books

  • Make book with page per child of what their family's special food tradition is, have kids illustrate and tell what they like about the tradition



  • Ask parents to share how they help out family members and how they help othersI

  • Invite parents to lunch or after school for dinner to eat the food the children made

  • Ask parents to share one special food related tradition (i.e. weekend pancakes, pizza on Friday nights, Sunday dinner with grandparents)



  • Make Pollo con Arroz and/or Sancocho



  • Read book as well as other books in blogs

  • Discussion of what special foods our families make and how we care for each other

  • What do you our families do to care for us when we are sick and how to we care for them

  • Make cards with different foods, give each child 4, and have them trade to make a

  • What special meals or routines do you do with your

  • Where do you buy your food?



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